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Sheffield Weather Page

Records Since 2003

On this page you will find weather records since 2003. This will automatically update as soon as a new record occurs. The data comes from the Davis VP2 weather station and early models over the years. The template is based on the work by Neil Thomas.

Records Since


Temperature and Humidity
High Temperature  
Low Temperature  
High Dew Point  
Low Dew Point  
High Apparent  
Low Apparent  
High Feels Like  
Low Feels Like  
Low Wind Chill  
High Heat Index  
High Minimum Temperature  
Low Maximum Temperature  
High Humidity  %
Low Humidity  %
High Daily Range  
Low Daily Range  
High Rain Rate  /hr
High Hourly Rainfall  
High Daily Rainfall  
High Monthly Rainfall  
Longest Dry Period  days
Longest Wet Period  days
High Wind Gust  
High Wind Speed (10 minute average)  
High Daily Wind Run  
Pressure (sea level)
High Pressure  
Low Pressure  

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Records began on . Here are the extremes recorded since then.