Last Months Report

November was an above average month in regards to temperature with the mild start enough to counter the cooler spell from the middle of the month and the cold last few days. Rainfall also eventually ended up well above average after a very wet 2nd half of the month.

Temperatures for the month did show a show a steady drop after the 10th of the month until the 22nd when the temperatures steadied again before dropping away more slowly to the months end. The first half of the month made sure that month came in above average with the cool down insufficient to bring the month to average values. The first 15 days had temperatures in double figures. The warmest days being the 11th and 10th with 15.6C and 14.6C. The warmest night also occurred on the 11th with 11.9C which would have been close to the day time maximum. The 1st also saw a warm 10.2C. There were a few chilly nights between the 1st and 15th with 4C and 4.4C on the 4th and 5th. Cooler conditions arrived on the 16th although double figures occurred again on the 18th, 24th and 25th. The first and only ground frost occurred on the 21st with 1C being the low and the coldest night following on the 22nd with 0.9C. Nights returned to closer to average soon after. After a brief warm up 23rd to the 27th temperatures fell away once again. This allowed the coldest day with 4.5C being the high on the 29th. Night temperatures also dropped away joint second coldest night and third coldest night being recorded on the 29th and 30th.

After the previous wet month November by the 14th looked to be a dry month with only 18.3mm falling. This all changed on the 15th with 18.3mm falling followed by 13.1mm and then the wettest day with 27.1mm falling on the 17th. The next three days only saw 5.1mm falling before 21st produced 19.4mm. The wet weather continued with a combined 20.5mm falling on the 23rd and 24th. Rainfall amounts dropped away after the 26th with a drier end to the month. However over 100mm fell in the month with the final total being 127.2mm. 58.5mm fell in three days marking a huge reversal from the relative dry conditions for the first 14 days and the last 6 days of the month. The rainfall being most welcome and much needed after the dry hot summer.

Another storm free month in regards to winds and were gusting around 40mph only on two days with 41mph on the 2nd and 40 mph on the 10th. Once again continuing the recent trend to quieter calmer weather.

Thunder as expected was completely absent from November and not even a line squall on the 24th produced any.

December what to expect is a bit uncertain. Apparently the Tonga eruption is now going to have an effect due to amount of water vapour blasted into Stratosphere so in a sense we are in uncharted territory. One prediction is that we will see more in the way of blocking something we are already seeing. The month starts with a block over Scandinavia feeding rather cold air into the UK. The first few days look to be fairly cloudy dry and rather cold. As the block weakens another forms over Greenland allowing a cold north north westerly flow with some showers develop over the UK. Frosts likely overnight. The rather cold northerly looks likely to persist to the middle of the month before the block moves eastward allowing unsettled spell of weather as low pressure pushes up from the south west temperatures closer to normal. The high pressure migrates into Europe for the finals third of the month but the position allows it to feed milder air into the country and a dry spell before the Atlantic brings unsettled conditions towards the months end. Overall December looks to be just above average with the milder spell sufficient to offset the rather cold beginning. rainfall below average so an unwanted dry month to finish the day.

November's Averages and Highs and Lows
Average Temp 7.0C Last Months Average 8.4C Difference from average 1.4C
Average Max Temp 9.8C Last Months Average 10.5C Difference from average 0.7C
Average Min Temp 4.3C Last Months Average 6.2C Difference From Average 1.9C
High Max 15.4C on the 11th Low Max 4.5C on the 29th Highest Daily Range 7.1C on the 4th and 5th
High Min 11.9C on the 11th Low Min 0.9C on the 22nd Lowest Daily Range 0.7C on the 19th
Number of Air Frosts 0 Days of Thunder 0 Days of Snow 0
Days of Measurable Rain 21 Days Days of Rain with trace 7 Days Days with Gusts > 50 mph 0 days
Average Rainfall 88.3mm This Months Average 127.2mm Percentage of Average Rainfall 144.1%